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Clicks on ads, the number of pages viewed, videos watched just before bed on a tablet, days later a sale… but which interaction got the sale? Google Analytics has the most complete full-credit measurement, so you see all the visits people make on your site on the road to an action, be it a sale, enquiry or download.

The result is the most measurable way to improve all of your campaigns from emails, AdWords, BingAds, affiliates and more. Reach new audiences in a more effective way with the insights from Google Analytics.

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On site implementation

 Our certified staff will ensure that all enhanced Google Analytics features are activated in your account. This will ensure we can accurately measure your return on investment and target marketing efforts in line with your goals.

Account Set up

Once the tracking code is added your account manager will set up your Google Analytics account to track the most relevant on site actions that you need to measure the effectiveness of your internet marketing campaigns.


With the data flowing through your analytics, our certified account managers will endeavour to use this data to analyse all internet marketing strategies. Measuring them against account performance goals set by you our account managers will use this data to drive effective changes throughout your marketing.

Transparent Reporting

Depending upon your requirements we will provide monthly, weekly or daily reporting to keep you up to speed with developments in your accounts. We can also create Custom Dashboards so you at a glance can track the performance of your online marketing campaigns and work with your account manager to improve returns.

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Our certified Google Analytics Account Managers can use this data to guide decisions in your internet marketing campaigns. We can measure return on ad spend from Google AdWords and Bing Ads, identify best sellers in Google Shopping campaigns and measure the performance of your SEO & Social Media campaigns.


Google Analytics gives you insights that you never had before. You can turn these insights into real results. Google Analytics helps from choosing the right benchmarks and content to testing channel and campaign performance. On top of that it is easy to share what you learn with everyone in your business.


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No Contracts, Just Results

At Global Search Marketing, our AdWords Management has no initial contracts. That means the pressure is on us to deliver you results and high returns in order to keep you as a client. It’s that simple.

Certified AdWords Account Managers

The world of AdWords Management is changing every day. That’s why our AdWords account managers are tasked with keeping their AdWords knowledge up to date and maintain their qualified status. This puts us in a position to offer you the most up to date AdWords Management tools the moment they are available or even sooner!

Global Reach

We have clients from every corner of the globe and advertise for clients in multiple languages. If you are thinking of taking your AdWords campaigns Global, or simply looking to enhance your international presence, contact us today.

Transparent AdWords Management

We won’t hide behind big words and we won’t hide your data from you. Our AdWords Management is all about results and we want you to know about them. To that end we can offer customised dashboards within Google Analytics so you can see your AdWords performance at a glance. Transparency is key to how we do business and we want you the client to be actively involved in their AdWords accounts.

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